A few days before I turned ten, my parents came to me with quite the proposition. They asked me if I would like to have the money budgeted for my birthday party invested in stocks instead. I was nine but I had a little idea of what stocks and shares were; a veeeery vague idea.  I had heard my parents talk about investment and stuff like that.  Initially, I wondered why in the world would they propose this? of course I would want my party, I’ve been looking forward to it, me and all my friends. I thought about it later on and decided that I would make the mature (painful) decision, afterall, I was ten, I was becoming a big girl, and I should do adult stuff like buy shares. So I went to my dad to explain to me why this “shares” of a thing was so important.  He talked to  me a little about the importance of financial investment and saving for the futures. He compared it to planting a seed today, watering it and letting it grow so that tomorrow it would produce more fruit for you to eat and even more seeds to plant. Eventually, I decided that investing in my future was better than having a party, so I reluctantly chose to buy shares ( even though they couldn’t be bought in my  name at that time) . The best part was that I still had my party, which was pretty awesome!

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The word, precaution, was one of my father’s favorite words, in fact it was almost like a mantra. For example, I would be  in the kitchen using the frying pan, he would notice the position of the handle of the pan, then he would say, “Ize, How many times will I tell you?  precaution, precaaution, precaaaution”. He’d then make me move the handle to a safe position, or move it himself. Taking precaution prevents mishaps and the saves you the cost of attending to those mishaps.

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I was in primary six and for the first time in my life ,I saw  a pack of colouring pencils.  No, it wasn’t my first time of seeing colouring pencils, it was just that I had never seen a pack of 50 before, oh the things I dreamed of doing ! So I borrowed them from my friend, Banke and immediately I got home I went crazy, drawing and colouring in and making fancy posters and all. My dad came in to see what I was doing  from time to time, and drawing me away sometimes to attend to other things. In the course of my being an amateur Van Gogh, I tore a part of the packaging of the pencils and my when father came in to check on me again, he noticed it. He calmly pointed it out and helped me tape it up nicely then he said, “Always return items borrowed in the same condition you borrowed them or if possible in a better condition.” I never forgot.

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