You might be familiar with the inspirational stories of  Nick Vujicic or John Foppe,  great men who overcame overwhelming physical disabilities (born without all of their limbs) to live successful, positive lives. The first time I saw documentary on Nick, it was with a group of people and there was no dry eye in the room. As at that time, he was already a rich successful evangelist, speaker and businessman, nursing the dream of getting married and having holding his children. Somewhere at the corner of my mind, I wondered what are the odds? But today’s post isn’t about Nick or John but about an incredible brave Korean boy called Tae-Ho.


I got a video from my brother some months back, during one of our usual media exchanges, it was a d Yu Tae-ho, and I was really moved watching it. Tae-ho was born in June of 2000 without arms(Amelia) and a deformity of the foot (he has only four toes on each foot) in addition with eight other congenital defects which include a cleft palate, scoliosis and an inability to lower his body temperature.


Sadly , His parents abandoned him at birth when told by the doctors that he might not survive past his first birthday but fortunately he was taken to an orphanage, to be taken care of. He lives with his adoptive mother Seung-ga Won.


The story of Tae-Ho was brought to the lime light in, through an MBC special, ‘’The Angels of Seung-ga-won Orphanage”. What is remarkably about Tae-ho is his awesome positivity, rock solid determination and   great ability even in disability. He is such a happy child, it’s contagious. When asked by the MBC interviewers which part of the body he doesn’t have ,  he answered ‘’arms!’’. And when asked if it was difficult to live without arms he cheerfully replied “no its fine”


Tae-ho lives a pretty independent life, he moves by hopping upright or rolling. He feeds himself, grooms himself, goes to school like every other child.



I was amazed at how at such a tender age, despite all the odds, Tae-ho still lives his life like a normal kid, he has a best friend and a little girlfriend who wants to marry him!

Tae-ho  pic10_3


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