Hello guys! How is your day going? I’m glad to present the first fashion feature on this blog*throws confetti!*.  It wasn’t so hard to choose who would help me on this one; I’ve seen her do a presentation on what acceptable school fashion (at least in med school) is for guys and ladies or something like that. But before she agreed for me ehn! Today, Adebimpe, would be giving us some insight to what our different fashion personalities are. Do you know yours? Well, we don’t we find out?


So I’ve gone through it over and over again in my head why firstly, blogger would request for a write up by me to be posted for everyone(like seriously everyone) to read and secondly, why on earth am I writing about fashion? I’m not even sure I know fashion (well, I see you trying to be modest, eh?)  I’m a novice when it comes to blogging, my writing is rusty. I could go on and on but then again, I like to think I belong to this superior class of human beings that have a wide range of knowledge and abilities even without trying 😉 (osheyyy, wonder woman! I’m sorry, I’ll stop interrupting). Jemima, thank you so much for this opportunity, err . . . more like a privilege to feature on your blog. Believe me, I’m so printing and framing this when it comes up (wide grin) (smh).

Now to the business of the day (or the post?), I gave a lot of thought into what I’d be writing about in the whole wide world of fashion and I had initially decided to give a list of basic fashion items the awesome, young and totally fabulous young woman should possess in her closet. I had it all planned out, but then it occurred to me that I won’t be saying something particularly special or new and so it’s not going to add to the reader’s knowledge per se. With that in mind, I changed my whole line of thinking and came up with the idea of fashion personalities which as at that time, I didn’t actually know existed. I did some homework and voila! There really is a concept of fashion personality according to fashion experts. So basically, what we’d be doing here is helping you find your fashion personality and applying it to your everyday dressing.

I belong to the school of thought that believes you pass unspoken messages about yourself through the way you dress. The thing however, is that at times, the message we pass might not actually be a true reflection of who we really are or what we want to portray through our dressing. For example, if 60 to 80 per cent of your wardrobe was either acquired through gifts or purchased for you by another person, your dressing would most likely reflect that person’s personality/taste, not yours. It is therefore worthy of note to first establish this fact- in deciding your fashion personality; there are two aspects: the first being what you actually portray through your current style of dressing; the second being what you would love to portray. It should also be noted that the different fashion personalities are not exactly rigid; they tend to overlap in people. Traits of all the personalities are found in everyone, but there is usually a dominant one.

Different people have come up with various models/ classification of fashion personalities, but the most objective to me is the one I’d be discussing here. Based on this classification, there are 5 fashion .personality types:
1.The Classic
2.The Sporty
3.The Dramatic
4.The Feminine
5.The Alluring.


Rather than discuss each personality as a separate entity, I think it’d be cooler if we discussed all five together based on the following defining parameters: Cut, Colour, Style, print and fabric.

The classic personality goes for well-tailored clothing items;
The sporty does loose and comfortable;
The feminine does draping pieces; The dramatic does structured/geometric cuts;
The alluring personality prefers low cut pieces.

The classic lady – crisp white, black thereabout; 
The sporty – really basic colours,
The dramatic – bold and bright colours say the yellow/orange/bold prints,
The feminine – soft colours say the peach, pink, etc
The alluring – ‘hot/steamy’ colours say red and so on.

The classic – typical button up shirt,
The sporty- polo, T-shirts,
The feminine – bowtie kinda neckline,
The dramatic – peplum
The alluring – lace up tops

Polka dots-classic,
Stripes- sporty,
Graphic designs-dramatic,
Animal print- alluring and
Floral prints for the feminine.

The classic lady ‘digs’ cashmere,
The alluring- lace,
The feminine – silk,
The sporty – cotton
The dramatic -leather.

Now to apply this to our immediate environment and the kinda clothes available for us here, (biko, cashmere never enter my wardrobe before o). I think you are a dominant sporty if you
are more at home with tee shirts, denim and the likes. You are probably a dominant classic if you are more comfortable in corporate dressing. You are a dominant dramatic if you wear more of chunky jewellery, sheath dresses, etc. You are a dominant feminine if you wear more of flared skirts/ dresses thereabout and finally. You’d make a dominant alluring if you wear more of jergens, shirt dresses, etc. (I hope that is explanatory enough).

This sure made a long read and I think I’d be stopping here(lest you never visit this blog again… lol) but the basic take home message here is that probably we have all at some point lost touch with our fashion personalities and it’s probably influenced by our environment. In your line of work for example, it might be required of you to dress in certain way that you don’t particularly like( it did take me a while to finally accept corporate dressing as a medical student).
There are however, ways to combine these clothes such that your outfits have an element of your personality and still fit into your environment perfectly. By the way, I think I’m a 60 percent classic/40 percent sporty(the others just pop in and outta my personality)………….yours?

Adebimpe Ajibade is a final year med student and full-time fashionista. She also is member of the editorial team of the CMDA-S , U.I.T.H chapter.



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